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Enhance your shooting performance with our selection of high-quality AR 15 triggers. Designed to provide a smooth and precise trigger pull, our triggers make it easier to achieve accurate shots while also increasing your rate of fire. Whether you're a competitive shooter or a casual enthusiast, our triggers are sure to elevate your shooting experience.

Some of the top products in this category include the CMC AR-15/AR-10 Single Stage Drop-In Curved Trigger, the Agency Arms DIT2-42-B Drop-in Trigger for G42, and the ALG Combat Trigger. We also offer options for popular firearms like the Glock, Smith & Wesson M&P, and Sig Sauer P320.

Upgrade your rifle with the Apex Polymer Trigger Kit for the M&P or the Apex Aluminum Trigger Kit for the M&P M2.0. Looking for something for your Glock pistol? Check out the Apex Flat-Faced Action Enhancement Trigger or the Apex Aluminum Enhanced Trigger. No matter your preference, we have a trigger option to suit your needs.

Don't settle for a subpar trigger that hinders your shooting performance. Invest in a top-quality trigger from our collection and take your accuracy and speed to the next level. Browse our selection today and feel the difference a high-performance trigger can make in your shooting experience.