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Shotshells are ammunition cartridges that are commonly used in shotguns for hunting, target shooting, and self-defense. They are an essential component for any shotgun owner and come in a variety of different sizes and shot types to suit various purposes.

Shotshells typically consist of a plastic casing, primer, powder, wad, and shot pellets. The size of the shot pellets can vary, with smaller sizes such as #8 being used for target shooting and larger sizes such as #4 being used for hunting larger game. The size of the shot pellets also determines the effective range of the shotshell.

In our extensive collection of shotshells, you will find products from top brands such as Federal, Remington, and CCI. Whether you are looking for game loads for hunting, self-defense loads for personal protection, or specialty loads for unique shooting situations, we have a wide range of options to choose from.

When selecting a shotshell, it is essential to consider the gauge, length, shot size, and shot material to ensure optimal performance with your shotgun. It is also important to follow all safety precautions and guidelines when handling and storing shotshells to prevent accidents.

Whether you are a seasoned hunter, competitive shooter, or someone looking to protect themselves and their family, shotshells are a versatile and reliable option for your shooting needs. Explore our collection of shotshells to find the perfect ammunition for your next shooting adventure.