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SST, short for Super Shock Tip, is a specialized category of premium rifle ammunition designed to deliver exceptional performance and accuracy. SST ammunition is known for its polymer tip which aids in rapid expansion upon impact, ensuring maximum energy transfer for quick, humane kills. This category features a range of calibers from 243 Win to 300 Win Mag, offering options for various hunting applications.

Hornady is a leading brand in the SST category, offering a variety of options such as the 7mm-08 139gr SST and the 308 Win 150gr SST. These cartridges are loaded with SST bullets that have a high ballistic coefficient, enhancing long-range accuracy and performance. The streamlined design of the SST bullets also promotes reliable expansion at both high and low velocities, making them suitable for hunting small to large game.

Fiocchi Ammunition is another notable brand in the SST category, with offerings like the 7mm-08 Rem 139gr SST. Fiocchi's SST cartridges are known for their consistent performance and reliability, making them a popular choice among hunters who demand precision and stopping power in their ammunition.

Whether you are a seasoned hunter looking for high-performance ammunition or a target shooter looking for consistent accuracy, the SST category offers a wide selection of options to suit your needs. With top brands like Hornady and Fiocchi leading the way, you can trust that SST ammunition will deliver the performance and reliability you expect in the field.