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The Headlamp category features a variety of hands-free lighting solutions designed to provide illumination in a wide range of situations. Whether you are camping in the great outdoors, working on a repair project in a dimly lit space, or simply needing light while on the move, headlamps offer a convenient and effective solution.

Products in this category include the Streamlight 61304 Protac Hl Headlamp, which offers 635 lumens of brightness for optimal visibility in the dark. The Streamlight 61425 Enduro Pro Aaa Coy Grn Led headlamp is another popular choice, known for its durability and reliability. For a more compact option, the Streamlight 61702 Bandit Usb Headlamp Black provides hands-free lighting in a sleek design.

The Pathfinder PFHL-111 Ul Scout Headlamp is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, with a focus on performance and comfort. If you are looking for a versatile option, the UST Tight Light 1.0 is an ultra-compact headlamp that is easy to carry and store.

No matter your lighting needs, the Headlamp category has a solution for you. With products ranging from powerful lanterns like the Streamlight 44931 Siege Led Lantern to compact and lightweight options like the Nightstick CTD-4510M1 Usb Headlamp Display, you are sure to find the perfect headlamp to meet your needs. Say goodbye to fumbling with flashlights and enjoy hands-free lighting with the selection of high-quality headlamps available in this category.