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ELD-VT, or Extremely Low Drag - Varmint Tip, is a specialized category of ammunition designed for precision shooting and varmint hunting. These bullets are engineered for maximum accuracy and flat trajectories, making them ideal for taking down small game at long distances.

The bullets in the ELD-VT category feature a sharp polymer tip that provides superior aerodynamics and ensures consistent expansion upon impact. This results in devastating terminal performance and minimal meat damage, perfect for hunters looking to preserve game meat for consumption.

One of the key features of ELD-VT bullets is their high ballistic coefficients, which contribute to minimal wind drift and bullet drop at extended ranges. This allows shooters to maintain accuracy and target accountability even in challenging conditions.

Whether you are hunting coyotes, prairie dogs, or other varmints, ELD-VT ammunition offers the precision and performance needed to make ethical and humane kills. The consistency and reliability of these bullets make them a favorite among precision shooters and hunters who demand the best from their equipment.

In conclusion, ELD-VT ammunition is a specialized category designed for precision shooting and varmint hunting. With their superior accuracy, flat trajectories, and devastating terminal performance, these bullets are the perfect choice for hunters and shooters looking to make clean kills and achieve consistent results in the field.