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The Kit category offers a variety of tool sets and equipment designed to assist with a wide range of tasks and projects. Whether you are a professional or a DIY enthusiast, these kits provide you with the essential tools needed to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Included in this category are products such as the B/c Gunsmithing File Set, Wheeler Ds Pro Ultimate Ar15 Armorers Kit, and the Wheeler 30pc Hex/torx Bench Driver Set. These kits contain a selection of high-quality tools that are specifically curated for gunsmithing and maintenance tasks. With these kits, you can easily take apart, clean, and customize your firearms without any hassle.

The Wheeler 10pc Torx Bench Driver Set, Wheeler 10pc SAE/Hex Bench Driver Set, and Wheeler 10pc Metric/Hex Bench Driver Set are perfect for those who work with precision instruments and machinery. These kits include a range of Torx, SAE, and Metric drivers that are essential for tightening and loosening screws and bolts of various sizes.

For those looking for a comprehensive kit for AR15 maintenance, the Wheeler Ds Pro AR15 Armorers Kit is the ideal choice. This kit includes all the necessary tools and accessories needed to assemble, disassemble, and customize your AR15 rifle.

Whether you are a gun enthusiast, a mechanic, or a hobbyist, the Kit category has something for everyone. These kits are designed to make your projects easier and more enjoyable, allowing you to achieve professional results without the hefty price tag. Explore the range of kits in this category and find the perfect one for your needs.