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Handcuffs are an essential tool for law enforcement professionals, security personnel, and even adventurous individuals. This category features a wide selection of handcuffs designed to ensure secure restraint and control when needed. From trusted brands like Smith & Wesson and Rothco, these handcuffs are built to withstand rigorous use and provide reliable performance in various situations.

Whether you need hinged, double lock, lever lock, or universal double lock handcuffs, this category has a diverse range of options to suit your specific needs. The handcuffs in this category are available in different finishes such as nickel, melonite, blue, and steel, allowing you to choose the style that best fits your preferences or uniform requirements.

In addition to handcuffs, this category also includes essential accessories such as spare keys and push pins to ensure that you can easily unlock restraints when necessary. These accessories are designed to be durable and easy to use, making them valuable additions to your handcuff toolkit.

Whether you are in law enforcement, private security, or simply looking for a reliable restraint solution, the handcuffs in this category offer the quality and functionality you need. Choose from a variety of handcuff styles and accessories to stay prepared and in control in any situation. Trust in the durability and performance of these handcuffs to help you maintain safety and security when it matters most.