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Soft Point

Soft Point ammunition is a popular choice among hunters and sports shooters for its ability to expand upon impact, creating a larger wound channel and delivering maximum energy transfer to the target. This category features a wide range of Soft Point cartridges from trusted brands like Federal and Hornady, designed to provide reliable performance and accuracy in various calibers.

Federal Soft Point cartridges are known for their Power-shok line, offering options for calibers ranging from .223 Remington to .45-70 Government. With options like the Non-Typical series for big game hunting and the Fusion series for optimal weight retention and expansion, Federal Soft Point ammunition provides versatility for a variety of hunting needs.

Hornady Soft Point ammunition, like the 223 Rem 55gr SP and 375 Ruger 270gr SP-RP, is designed with precision and performance in mind. With a reputation for quality and innovation, Hornady Soft Point cartridges are a top choice for hunters looking for consistent and reliable ammunition.

Whether you are hunting deer, elk, wild boar, or engaging in target shooting, Soft Point ammunition offers a balance of expansion, penetration, and accuracy for a successful shot. Browse our selection of Soft Point cartridges to find the perfect ammunition for your next hunting or shooting adventure. Trust in the quality and performance of these Federal and Hornady Soft Point cartridges to help you achieve your hunting goals.