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Jacketed Hollow Point

Jacketed Hollow Point ammunition offers superior stopping power and expansion upon impact, making it a popular choice among law enforcement officers, self-defense enthusiasts, and competitive shooters. The design of a Jacketed Hollow Point round features a bullet with a hollowed-out tip and a copper jacket surrounding the lead core. Upon impact, the hollow point causes the bullet to expand, creating a larger wound cavity and maximizing energy transfer to the target.

The expansion of a Jacketed Hollow Point bullet not only increases stopping power but also reduces the risk of over-penetration, potentially minimizing collateral damage in self-defense situations. This makes Jacketed Hollow Point ammunition a reliable and effective choice for personal protection.

In addition to their defensive capabilities, Jacketed Hollow Point rounds are also favored by competitive shooters for their accuracy and consistency. The controlled expansion of the bullet helps maintain a more stable flight path, resulting in enhanced precision on the target range.

From trusted brands like Aguila Ammunition, Ammo Inc, Barnes, and CorBon, the Jacketed Hollow Point category offers a wide range of calibers and grain weights to suit a variety of firearms and shooting preferences. Whether you are looking for reliable self-defense ammunition or high-performance rounds for competition, Jacketed Hollow Point ammunition delivers the stopping power and precision needed to succeed in high-pressure situations.