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Charging Handles

Charging handles are an essential component of any firearm, allowing for quick and efficient manipulation of the bolt carrier group. This category features a wide range of charging handles to suit the needs of every shooter, from standard mil-spec options to ambidextrous designs.

Whether you are looking for a simple and reliable charging handle like the NcSTAR MARDCH 223/556 Detachable Carry Handle, or a more advanced option like the Breek Arms BRK522 WARHAMMER Mod2 Ambidextrous Charging Handle, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your rifle.

Brands like Aero Precision, Badger Ordnance, Bravo Company, and Fortis Manufacturing offer high-quality charging handles in various colors and finishes to match your rifle's aesthetic.

For those who prefer a customized look and feel, there are also options like the Bootleg AR 15 Charging Handle and Geissele Automatics' premium charging handles.

No matter your shooting style or preferences, having a reliable and easy-to-use charging handle is crucial for a smooth and efficient shooting experience. Upgrade your rifle with one of the top-notch charging handles in this category and enhance your overall performance at the range or in the field.