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Gun Lock

Gun locks are essential tools for firearm safety, providing a secure way to prevent unauthorized access to guns. This category offers a variety of options to suit different types of firearms and security needs.

Cable locks are a popular choice, as they can easily be threaded through the action of a gun to render it inoperable. The DAC CL012014 Cable Lock and Firearm Safety Devices Corporation CL1010BKD Cable Lock are both California and Massachusetts approved, meeting stringent safety standards. For those looking for a combination lock, the Firearm Safety Devices Corporation CL1725RCB Combo Cable Lock offers added security.

Trigger locks are another important tool in gun safety, preventing the trigger from being pulled and thus preventing accidental discharges. The MasterLock 90KADSPT Trigger Lock with Key and the MasterLock 94DSPT Trigger Lock with Combination are both reliable options for ensuring that guns are safely stored.

For those looking for keyed alike options to secure multiple firearms, the MasterLock 99KADSPT Cable Lock and the MasterLock 107KADSPT Cable Lock are convenient choices. Additionally, the Firearm Safety Devices Corporation TL4379RCB Combo Trigger Lock is California, Massachusetts, and Maryland approved for added peace of mind.

Longarm cable locks, such as the Firearm Safety Devices Corporation CL1070RKD and the Firearm Safety Devices Corporation TL3050RKD, provide extra length for securing rifles and shotguns. These locks are essential for keeping firearms out of the wrong hands and ensuring responsible gun ownership.

Overall, the gun lock category offers a range of products to suit different preferences and security needs, promoting safe firearm storage practices.