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Jacketed Soft Point

Jacketed Soft Point ammunition is designed for hunters and shooting enthusiasts who prioritize reliable expansion and maximum energy transfer upon impact. Unlike full metal jacket bullets, which are jacketed with a harder metal to prevent deformation, jacketed soft point bullets feature a partial or exposed lead tip that allows for controlled expansion upon impact with the target. This expansion creates a larger wound channel, increasing the bullet's stopping power and effectiveness.

The Federal 556A, Remington UMC 357mag, and Winchester X2431 are just a few examples of high-quality Jacketed Soft Point ammunition available in this category. Whether you are hunting big game, varmint, or engaging in target shooting, Jacketed Soft Point ammunition offers consistent performance and reliable terminal ballistics.

Winchester Ammunition, Federal, Remington, and Magtech are some of the trusted brands that produce Jacketed Soft Point ammunition, ensuring the highest quality and caliber for your shooting needs. From .22 calibers to .45 calibers, there is a Jacketed Soft Point option for a wide range of firearms and shooting applications.

No matter your shooting style or preferred caliber, Jacketed Soft Point ammunition provides the stopping power and performance needed to make your shots count. Choose Jacketed Soft Point ammunition for reliable expansion, maximum energy transfer, and superior terminal ballistics in your next shooting adventure.