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Total Synthetic Jacket

The Total Synthetic Jacket category includes a wide range of ammunition products designed for peak performance and accuracy. These synthetic jacketed bullets are precision-engineered to provide consistent, reliable results with every shot.

Federal AE10SJ1 Syntech 10mm 205gr Tsj 50/500, Federal AE380SJ1 Syntech 380acp 95gr Tsj 50/500, Federal AE38SJ1 Syntech 38spl 148gr Sjw 50/500, Federal AE45SJ2 Syntech 45acp 230gr Tsj 50/500, Federal AE9SJ1 Syntech 9mm 115gr Tsj 50/500, Federal AE9SJ2 Ae 9mm 124gr Tsj 50/500, Federal AE9SJ3 Ae 9mm 147gr Trn Mtch Tsj 50/500, Federal AE9SJ4 Ae 9mm 124gr Trn Mtch Tsj 50/500, Federal AE9SJAP1 Syntech 9mm 150gr Tsj 50/500, Federal AE9SJPC1 Ae 9mm 130gr Pstl Cal Tsj 50/500, Federal AE40SJ1 Syntech 40sw 165gr Tsj 50/500, Federal AE45SJAP1 Syntech 45acp 220gr Tsj 50/500, Federal AE40SJAP1 Am Eagle 40sw 210gr Tsj Act Pist, Federal AE45SJ1 Syntech 45acp 230gr Tsj 50/500, Federal AE40SJ2 Syntech 40sw 180gr Tsj 50/500 are just a few of the products in this category that offer superior performance and unmatched quality.

Whether you are a competitive shooter, avid hunter, or law enforcement professional, Total Synthetic Jacket ammunition is the ideal choice for any situation. With its advanced design and innovative technology, these products deliver exceptional accuracy and reliability, giving you the confidence you need to perform at your best.

Upgrade your shooting experience with Total Synthetic Jacket ammunition and experience the difference for yourself. Trust in the quality and precision of these products to deliver consistent results every time you pull the trigger. Choose Total Synthetic Jacket for your next shooting adventure and elevate your performance to new heights.